Our philosophy

We have created Lithalona Estate with a lot of respect to the green nature of the island and the most important Marine Park  in the country. A comfortable, welcoming environment with a cosy atmosphere for a relaxing and beautiful vacation.

It is our pleasure to welcome you and share with you the forgotten flavours and unique aromas that can be found in the Estate. To reveal to you the hidden secrets of the island, its beautiful nooks and crannies, and the dozens of activities you can enjoy.

About our name

LITHALONA is a compound word from lithos “stone” + aloni “threshing floor”. This is what the locals called this area, since here one could find the stone-paved threshing floors, where they winnowed the wheat and gathered their crops for the whole year. A place of great importance for their livelihood, the threshing floor was a point where the real (the anxiety for the collection of the crop, the joy of completing a project, the enjoyment of the tangible creation) embraced the imaginary (elves and fairies) to create a locus full of powerful symbolisms. Because of their importance, the threshing floors were linked with dozens of stories, legends, songs, poems and personal testimonies.

Over the years, cereals were replaced by olive trees in Zakynthos (and elsewhere) and the threshing floors lost their importance.

By giving the name Lithalona to our estate, we wanted to keep alive a part of the culture and tradition it represents.